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January 26, 2009
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.:Create Your Own Dragon:. by Vaelyis .:Create Your Own Dragon:. by Vaelyis
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EDIT: I will allow other users to edit and modify it to fit their needs as to how they want they dragon, but please, do not edit it too drastically c:

If you want to make a dragon, well here's your chance! I made this template for if you wanted to make your very own DRAGON!!! This art came from me and my own dragon drawing, Dragon in Flight. Please do not steal this art!

This was lined by me form my own dragon drawing I posted here on dA. All credit and creation was by me and to me.
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    Here are the rules:
    1. Do not ask to use. This is a Free template. You have my permission to use it.

    2. Give me credit for the template/line-art by linking it to me, having the credit link to my name, or having my name on the template with credit in the Artists Comments. Do two of them if it's credit on the pic.

    3. When linking use my icon or deviant name. If you don't know how, do this:
    Icon : iconDastyuik : (But, without the spaces).
    deviantART : devDastyuik : (Without the spaces.)

    If you do it correctly they come out like this:

    4. Have fun and enjoy! And yes, I changed one rule: you can edit and modify it, but as stated above, please don't make drastic changes to it.

Art, Template, Dragon :icondatsyuik:
LOLMANIC45 Oct 8, 2011  Student Writer
I hope I abide by your rules anyway it has been a honor and fun to use you template I did add a something like a eclipse because thats his marking symbol is that O.K. I am just being careful if you do not like I will remove ASAP
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